Craig Kufta

Craig has owned and operated The Camera Shop since 1975 after acquiring the family business of 36 years. While Craig helped in the family business during summer vacations in high school, his real start in the shop came one year out college with a disastrous fire that decimated the Traverse City Camera shop. For a while after the fire, it was looking as if the shop may not reopen again. Craig moved to Traverse City and took charge of the rebuilding process finding great satisfaction in turning things around. Craig has been in the business ever since and says that the challenges of the unexpected are what keeps him engaged. Craig’s favorite parts of photography include patterns, textures, and lighting. Outside of photography, Craig enjoys reading Italian detective novels and loves to start the day with a morning run. 



Nathan Purchase

Nathan has been working at The Camera shop since December of 2020 as our Operations Manager. Nathan started in his photography career while completing a bachelor's degree in Studio Art with a specialization in Photography at Michigan State University. You can find Nathans personal photography work HERE.







Patty Carmichael

Patty has been working at The Camera Shop for one year. She works in Accounting/ Payroll at the Shop. Patty's favorite part of photography is that it enables her to capture special memories of her children throughout their lives. Outside of photography, she enjoys reading, boating, and traveling! She likes to read novels and biographies with her all-time favorite book being To Kill a Mockingbird. Patty's favorite place that she has traveled to is Doolin, Ireland. She loves the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher. One interesting fact about Patty is that she lived in Chicago for thirteen years and during her time in the Windy City, she gave tours at Wrigley Field during the summer.


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